BOB JACKSON Vintage Frame Identification


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In 1972/3 I purchased a secondhand Bob Jackson frame from a teamate who had raced it & it was in need of a respray.
I had it resprayed at Wilson cycles Sheffield with there name on it. I used the bike untill I had a new Ribble built & for the best part of 20 years my Bob Jackson has sat in the loft !
I am now retired & with the lockdown I have desided to have the frame resprayed back to a Bob Jackson, but have just found they have closed resently !
Can anybody identify my frame from the photo, the number on the fork is 4509 & my research tells me it's an Olympus
[I Hope] if it is I will do a full rebuild, That is if I can get the Campag seatpost out !!!!

Thanks for any help Charles


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Welcome aboard! :)
Very nice Bob Jackson and such a rich history too.
Hopefully the seatpost will be an easy enough job and look forward to seeing it come back together.
Just start a thread in the readers rides section once you get going with it.



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Thanks for the quick reply, not sure I put this in the correct section but fingers crossed someone can help !

PS: great one liner !!!

John Wr

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Hi Charles.

Your frame has nearly the same specification as my Merlin Modena Plus (Italia Line) frameset bought in late 1964; Prugnat type lugs, wheel clearance to seat tube, fork profile, Mafac rear brake bridge, 5/8" seat stays and Allen key seat fastening. The fork crown on yours is slightly more intricate than mine. I am sure Jackson's built a generic range of frames and just gave them a different branding of BOB JACKSON/JRJ/MERLIN.

More details here:- ... bob-j-r-j/

It's a definite shame the company has closed down. My frameset was last refurbished by them in 2007 and the quality of the re-chrome and re-spray still astonishes me. It has been round the gravel roads of L'Eroica three times and still looks like new. The staff at Jackson Cycles were always great people to deal with and had a real interest in refurbing work taken to them, especially one of their own frames.

I've decided to get my bike out and give it a clean and will post some photos later.



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Thanks so much for the information, my frame might be a little earlier than a first thought !
I would love to see your photos of your Merlin.
I have spent 2Hrs this morning cleaning one of my Campag Record sprint wheels that I bought in 1972 from & built by
Henry Homes Cycles Sheffield & they are still as good as new !

Thanks Again Charles

Old Ned

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This was my BJ Olympus that I bought in 1968 through my LBS in Wrexham. Probably one of BJ's 'stock' frames. I'm afraid the power of advertising and club sponsorship was probably responsible for this as I had been very taken with Arthur Metcalfe winning the BAR on his sponsored BJ Olympus in shining white in a previous season. I'm also afraid that it didn't come up to my (somewhat high I suppose!) expectations as, in comparison to the Harry Quinn I had been riding for several seasons (and on which I had done my best rides) it felt very 'sluggish' and I could never do much on it. It got a respray and featured as my early season and training bike until I sold it mid 70's.

The photo was taken during the winter of '68/69 for the local paper in Wrexham because during that '68 season I had become the High Wycombe CC club champion during my time there whilst in college - hence the assorted trophies on the table! 'Local Boy Makes Good' and all that rubbish :roll: :facepalm:

BTW Charles, what club were you in as a lad?


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John Wr

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I'm trying to send a photo which I have never done before.

1964 Merlin refurbished 2007 with Bob Jackson logos.[attachment=0]IMG_3060 resized.

If this works I will post more pics with info.



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John Wr

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More information about my Bob Jackson and its equipment:-
Frame bought late 1964 after visiting Bob Jackson stand at the CTC York Rally.
2007 Refurbished with alterations to rear brake bridge and forks at Jacksons.
Campag Record hubs, rear mech, both 2nd hand in 1964. Campag Record front changer new in 1964.
Chainset is Campag 52/45 rings on Williams 5 arm adapter(151mm bcd) all new 1964 on TA square drive cranks. Brakes are Campag (bought from Ed Edwards). Other parts from Campy Oldy when they had nos. Rims are Mavic MA2. Pedals are Chater Lea new in 1963.Bars and stem are Cinelli.


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Old Ned

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Looks very nice and a bit like an Olympus - but does it have the reinforcing long 'tangs' on the BB and fork crown? These were a signature feature of the Olympus I recall. You can see one of the BB ones on my photo at the bottom of the down tube. The seat tube had one as well up the rear.

When I look at these frames now my immediate thought is - 'aren't the chainstays (and fork rake) long'.


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It's back in the loft again all but one wheel which I cleaned this morning, so I will take more photo's & post them !
Yes the fork rake is long !
My bike was also a bit sluggish but that was due to the person on it !!!
I am copying my Bob Jackson Lightweight catologue now & will post it later.
Thanks for your help