Bill Hannington Lightweight


Old School Hero
I've just finished building this one up from a frame; a Bill Hannington of Reading, Berks. Bill was making frames in Reading from the 1950's onward and was closely connected with the local cycle clubs; latterly Reading CC. He also supplied frames to Len Buttrey's cycle shop in Oxford Road, Reading who sold them with their own transfers - I'm very lucky to own one of these. In later years Bill was producing frames from his garden shed in Emmer Green and I understand this example was presented to a long time Reading CC member as a gift circa 1980's. I've used a mixture of parts; SR Drilled 52/42 Chain set, Shimano gears, Wolber large flange Q/R 700 clinchers, GB stem and engraved bars with Weinmann brakes. The frame came devoid of any down tube lettering and so far I've been unable to find any pictures of a Hannington with them. Another owner says it was block lettering but his were lost after a repaint and thinks I've got it right. Any confirmation welcome. What's it like to ride? Goes like the proverbial dream and more besides.


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