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Somehow it's March already. Spring is around the corner, maybe, and the evenings are getting lighter. A standard competition this time, after the February special. Here's hoping for a nice selection of entries to choose from.

Useful for the poll if you can structure your nomination as follows:

username's Year Manufacturer Model , e.g. @al's 1995 weird bouncy thing
Image(s) MAXIMUM OF 2
Finally please include a link to your machine in the relevant Reader's Bikes section. If you don't have an existing post now is the time to add one with as much detail as you like!
Link to all the rules

Nominations thread will run for the entire month of March. Entries submitted after March the 31st will not be counted. The poll will go up shortly after the nominations close and will run for a week.
I'm going with mine, No construction thread.

Salsa Alacarte 91

The frame was built being NOS and all its parts are NOS except the Merlin/salsa handlebar and the custom Bullseye cranks (stickers by @fguki) The rear Tioga Disk is Manufactured by me, so I do have construction thread on that.

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Shame there is no thread on this, would like to have seen more in detail.