1. raidan73

    BoTM Deanphoto's 1993 GT Team RTS is voted Bike of The Month for October 2023

    Congratulations to @deanphoto on coming out on top, by the narrowest of margins. You can view the build thread, and more superb images of Team RTS here
  2. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month October 2023 - Time to vote

    A field of 14 to choose from this month. Plenty of variety in the mix too. Carge's 1991 Bontrager Race Slackboys 1991 GT Zaskar Siish’ weird estay thing (Suspected British Eagle Boss) synlos' 1989 Rocky Mountain Blizzard PhillB's 1991 GT Team Avalanche Midnight Aurora Jourian's 1987...
  3. raidan73

    BoTM My_Teenage_Self's 1994 Lotus Monocoque is the November Bike of The Month for 2022

    November was an 'Amnesty Special', where people got another chance to enter a bike that had tried, and failed, previously. If you take look at the line-up you'll probably be surprised that many of them hadn't already won; a testament to the standard of bikes on the site. We got a bumper crop of...
  4. raidan73

    BoTM Si_33's 1988 Moulton AM-ATB is the July 2022 Bike of The Month

    It was great to see something a little less well known take the win for July. @Si_33's Moulton came out on top of a small but strong field, which included a Yeti Ultimate, a Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer and a Klein Attitude, to name just a few. The AM-ATB raked in over 21% of the votes, which...