A bit of fun: classified ad bugbears


Retro Guru

For me its the " follow the leader" pricing on ebay!

"Hes got a deore chainset for sale for £100, so im going to put the same!" Have you actually checked what they sold for in the completed items? ( dont be silly). Is it going to sit for 6 months going round and round and round the site ?( yes it is). Is your scratched to death, cracked taper scrap metal fest ACTUALLY the same as the boxed nos item? ( no).

Woe betide if you make realistic offer or even worse point out that the last 19 sold for between thrupence ha'penny and £16.49!

This tied with the general overpricing of anything "retro" ie pre 2017, does my nut. Just coz its old, don't make it good. Second hand pants are a classic example!


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