A bit of fun: classified ad bugbears


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Not ad related but does anyone else get annoyed when people refer to disk brake hoses as 'cables' Does my nut in!! Its a hose not a cable god dam it!!! :LOL:


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'hybrid' - when describing an older 26 inch wheel MOUNTAIN BIKE

filthy dirty parts/ bikes/ women*

*I know these exist but I seemed to have always missed out on the invite to that party

Crap phone pics**

**crap pictures taken via a phone camera usually portrait, not pictures of crap phones

'rare!' - along with the 50 other sales of the same model all in various states of distress but also 10x cheaper

'barn find!' - dragged out of a hedge/ pond/ field


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d8mok":3ntfguiz said:
jimprince":3ntfguiz said:
One of my bugbears is when people post eBay listings with next to no information stating "details will follow". Why not save as a draft then list when it's ready :roll:

Perfect example - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/mountain-bik ... SwVNxgIb3t

For £1 listings usually. I do this a lot. As it saves a fortune but I don’t always have the info or pics ready.

That's a fair enough reason I guess :cool:

eBay seller fee's are pretty steep.