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If you want some bmx/cruiser bars, have you considered the Stooge Junker? He’s got them in stock in both 85 and 100 rise. Not cheap but comparable to the Surly.


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That's ace, glad to hear they're available somewhere, and that international shipping worked out for you. I'm considering purchasing some forks for a different bike from overseas, but I'm always wary for some reason! 🤷🏼
I can pre order a pair of these sunrise pups here in the UK, it's only another month and I'm in no particular rush.
I saw you fitted some the to the inbred. It looks great! I like that project you've created and it's cool to see how it's evolved.
I might get too impatient for the sunrise bars and build it with some stuff I've got kicking around, as I think the brakes will arrive this week. They're the final component and only thing I didn't have spares of. Wish I had a box of useable spare disc brakes!
Generally I've had pretty good experiences with orders from overseas. They can take a while but my nearest and dearest say I need to learn patience so . . .

I'd be tempted to build it up with available parts and then swap them out as new stuff comes in. Having the half-finished project sitting there waiting for bits does my head in (patience again . . .)