1993 MARIN Team Issue Restoration Build Project - XTR M900


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Loving this build so much already.

It's impossible not to love something shiny with just a hint of 3DV...


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Good day!

Finally I got around to spend another 2,5 - 3 hours finishing off the paint removal. The cleaning and some polishing on the frame is done! It needs not look like factory new. The surface has tiny small corrosion damages already here and there anyways. I think overall, I put this beauty back to a quite awesome condition with which I can be very happy in the future. Some decal work will be next ...


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I already put on some decals tonight. When im finished, The bike will be clear coated again. By the way: Removing the old clear coat underneath the spray paint was the hardest thing to do. I used paint remover and a cutter blade to cut it off, then use the paint remover again and finally (machine) polish it off with medium and fine grid polishing vlies ... dont know the english word for them.

The decals, I ordered from DNFive to my desired sizes. I took original sizes of every decal from another 1993 team issue frame I have.

I also put in a Manitou 2 fork (to be revised) just to check it out. Since the original rigid fork has the worst condition of the parts I bought, I think I will go for a fully restored Manitou 2 and some purple parts. But always subtle and restrained. Im not a huge fan of those overkill overstyled full of aluminium "tuning" parts ;)


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Another day at the office :-D

Today was "wheels day". Oh Lord! These wheels had seen better days! Rust, Oil, dirt, old paint and several broken Aluminum nipples + re-doing the alignment of the wheels was on my agenda today! Was fun and turned out great!

Wheels day part 1/3

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