1993 KHS Montana Comp - Complete Restoration

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ishay":ajr0sayr said:
Here's me in Feb 1995 racing the bike and pulling what is now known by my family as my "concentrating face".

I’ve got a similar picture from Rd 4 of the series, on my Team! :D

Amazing how February was considered ‘Spring’ back then :shock:


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Do you know of any place on the internet where old results are stored. It was all a bit early for the internet, so I'm guessing not. I was a county runner at the time too, so I know I had some decent results (although I also remember the Malverns race being a disaster having been dropped on my coccyx the night before). My first race was in Oxford (Shotover) with about 150 people. IIRC I was 10th and the first under 18, at 15, but that's about all I can remember.


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Having now got the proper long cage DX derailleur I have a short cage one spare if anybody should need it...


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I like this a lot! The mechanic at the bike shop I worked at as a Saturday boy had one, I always lusted after it.

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