KHS Montana Comp - Black

A cork up the steerer tube was a thing in cyclocross circles back in the steel fork era to stop crowns and steerers rotting.

The heavy duty grease application was normal, in army circles, for anything metal that was going into storage. It was back when i played with tanks and this is possibly how the bike ended up lathered in it.

Your Comp has buffed up well. I like it.
Ah, thanks! makes sense, I’m sure they meant well! to be fair most of the bike was decent under the grease!
Just been thumbing through the June '93 edition of Mountain Biker International, and an advert from Sharrocks Cycleworld caught my eye...under the KHS section it lists "Montana Comp Ltd Edition (Black)" @ £575 (£26 more than a regular Comp). So whilst yours appears to have proper German provenance, it seems they were available here in the UK as a Ltd Edition too :cool:
Some progress made on the black comp recently.
Having made some enquiries about replacement decals and it seems it's going to be possible, but not immediately due to graphic tweaks and a bit of a wait, so I decided to continue the build as is. I still plan to get the frame re-painted in the future - it's pretty scruffy - but need to be 100% that the decals will be right first.

So this bike (for now) is going to be the school run bike, giving me some practice time to get the components right. I do about 9 miles a day on roads and paved cycle paths so I've popped on a pair of white wall road cruisers which have a nice smooth glide to them.

I've sourced a few more parts (from eBay / Retrobikers!) towards the full DX setup I want for this build.

DX Pedals - cleaned up and re-greased
Brifters DX M075s (the push pull ones). needed a bit of a repair as the handle would't return, all good now.
DX BR M650 Cantilevers
DX wheels are back on here, the LX ones it came with are where they rightfully belong on the pink and blue Comp pictured earlier in the thread.
Zoom Comp Stem in silver
Zoom 155 black handlebars
Also tentitively playing with an XT crank with black chainrings - only have the larger two on there currently which looks cool! but we'll see.. I do have DX ones on another bike but can't quite bring myself to remove them currently.
I think I'll need to replace the BB soon, it started creaking after a few washes, though it's quiet now after a bit of a lube up!

New cable set with white sleeves in the post, I'll see if they work, I think they will look good but if's too much I'll just use black ones.

Few progress pics here, I'll follow up once it's cabled up and in action!



Cheer for now, have a great half term all!
Exactly! Not many black ones around, I saw one, once, in Norway in 1992/3! Yes monkeyshred has a lot to answer for :)

My bad 😅 Never seen a black version myself! Pretty cool find.

If you ride a 23"...maybe actually a 25" roadie there is pink/blue KHS Aero on FB for £50... wayyy too big for me. Looks original though!