For Sale 1992 Alpine stars t bike full suspension prototype.

The only confirmation I have is speaking to bill stevenson couple of yrs back confirming he built it ,the previous colour that it was at the las Vegas cycle show. The reason for him building it why it's got the ballistc forks ,what alpine stars where after,
There's no info in the public domain just 1 pic in mountain bike action in 90s showing las Vegas cycle show.

It was really never ment to survive.

Most people think it's a boulder as the design is close , this u cannot put the seat post down because the shock Is in the way , u cannot lower the stem as the steerer is to short .

Most of the guys on retro bike know of it or seen it ,

I am open to offers if not it will go back in to storage 😊
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Popped it on eBay loads of watchers and views loads of people messing around 🤔🧐😔I might just put it back in storage at this rate