For Sale 1992 Alpine stars t bike full suspension prototype.


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Hi everyone not been on in a long time having a clear out.

It's time I think to find this bit of MTB history a new home guys ,

Many of you guys know this bike and history it's not perfect there's no dents but there is scratched and paint chipped off in couple of paces as pics ,it is 20 plus yrs old.

Many peoples first thoughts it's a boulder, it is not and was made before boulder buy the same designer

Now is fast Eddie's livery

It has been confirmed by bill stevenson in Washington as the one he built and designed when he worked for alpine stars in 92 ,
He also did commission work for ballistic hence the forks .sadly the elastomers have gone
It's total 1 off all hand welded and noodles for the cables are Hand bent the rear shock Is a risse threaded into the top tube ,
Zero stack headset
Was on display in it's original purple at the las Vegas cycle show on 1992 .

Fast Eddie's connection, they used to buy job lots of frames from the USA repaint them and put there name on them and re sell them , this is how it got over here , in places the original purple paint can be seen.

Just after it going to a good home to be looked after as there is only one this early

It is small size

The seat post cannot be put down any further as it hits the risse gas shock

The bars cannot be lowered any more as the steering tube is very short

The head set is a zero stack headset reduced down to 1 inch threaded

As stx drive train

Not looking to split guys

Asked £350

Located Endon Staffordshire

Sorry guys I am not posting in case of damage

I freind of mine dug it out of a garage in jersey couple of yrs back , but cannot tell u how it got to jersey ,

I will not post it incase it gets damaged

Asking £350 for it as it stands not in a rush to sell just want it go to a good home who will look after it and let me see it

Located in Endon Staffordshire


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I keep looking at this as I'm heavily into my Alpinestars'...

Do you have any proof or confirmation that it is the T Bike prototype as I've been looking over the weekend and there isn't any suggestion of it existing online, just the T44?