1. jackkershaw

    For Sale Saracen Trekker FS (1994) 17” (M/L) Retro Mountain Bike £300 ONO

    This beautiful vintage mountain bike is a joy to ride around on—fast and light, ideal for cruising around the city or exploring off road. It's in excellent condition, as evidenced by the photos, having been lightly used and always stored indoors. Rides really well, I wish I could keep it...
  2. B

    Sold 1992 Saracen Kiliracer 19.5" E-stay

    Hey all, Selling my 19.5" frame Saracen Kiliracer. Has sat in dry storage most of its life, just a bit dusty which I will give a full clean/polish and service before sale. Comes with deore groupset and Richey bars/stem. £200 + P&P or nearest offer Message for any questions, cheers!
  3. Beeewu

    Withdrawn PLEASE DELETE

  4. NotThatOld

    Wanted ‘92 or ‘93 Pine Mountain or similar.

    First post here so hello 👋🏼 I’m looking for a 19” early steel Marin. I like the look of the black and orange 1992 Pine Mountain and the black and silver ‘93 but I’m open to any of the nicer Tange steels frames really. Ideally a complete bike and happy to restore if needed. Budget up to £300...
  5. Wobblyfish

    1996 Saracen Tufftrax. STX Groupset. Ritchey Finishing Kit. Original Factory Specification.

    I have seen a few on here, so apologies to those who may class this as nowt new. Likewise I'm not in any way trying to compete, or compare this one to others beforehand. I think I've gotten this one pretty close to catalogue spec, so I thought I wouldn't offend anyone, and maybe just a couple...
  6. D

    Saracen Boffs question!

    Good evening all, Would anyone know what the 1993 Saracen Race Elite Gruppo was from factory? Had a look through the brochures and search but not found an answer. Would appear people who own them (google search) have all put XT on or other nice groupsets. Cheers all!
  7. D

    Saracen Tufftrax Mid 1990s

    Hi I have a Saracen Tufftrax in my garage, it's from around 1994 I would say, but can't be sure of the exact date. It hasn't been ridden since probably 1997/1998. Pretty much all original apart from the seat and the gear changers that were changed to Gripshift. Would there be people out there...
  8. S

    1988 Saracen Trekker for sale

    I'm selling my well loved and well used Saracen Trekker due to the need for space in my garage (too many bikes!). I bought this new in 1988 for £400 as a student and it has been a trusty companion on many adventures including a trip from London to Paris. It's mostly original parts but I did...
  9. drystonepaul

    1989 Saracen Kili Flyer Competition

    1989 Saracen Kili Flyer Competition <--- RESERVED FOR IMAGE OF COMPLETED BIKE ---> As some of you know, and if you don't it's rather obvious from many of the bikes in my collection, that I have a soft spot for Saracen bikes from a certain era. One of those in particular has always been...
  10. drystonepaul

    1990 Saracen Kili Flyer Competition

    1990 Saracen Kili Flyer Competition <--- RESERVED FOR COMPLETED BIKE ---> I had for a long time been gathering a full Shimano XTII M730/732 groupset in black for this 1990 Kili Flyer Comp frameset which I picked up several years ago. I was never that enthusiastic about building it up with all...
  11. drystonepaul

    1988 Saracen Trekker

    1988 Saracen Trekker In an attempt to catch up on several long overdue build threads I've been searching through folders, pumping up tyres and charging up the camera to document a few more bikes from my collection. This one is a Saracen Trekker from 1988. I can't remember who I purchased...
  12. drystonepaul

    1990 Saracen Tufftrax

    1990 Saracen Tufftrax Here's another Saracen from my collection. This one is a 1990 Tufftrax in magenta according to the catalogue. I still think it's pink though. I picked this one up from Sheffield via eBay as a complete bike a couple of years ago. Most of the parts were there but in a less...
  13. drystonepaul

    1990 Saracen Eiger

    1990 Saracen Eiger As some of you may already know, the Saracen Eiger was exclusively offered by Halfords during a long period of association with the Saracen brand. The Eiger range had a few variations each year it was offered. For example in 1990 there was the Eiger, the Eiger Cross, Eiger...
  14. drystonepaul

    1988 Saracen Kili Flyer

    1988 Saracen Kili Flyer I picked this up as a complete and nearly completely original bike a couple of months ago. As you can see from the first photo it had been adapted to have a 'more comfortable' riding position. The previous owner had bought it from a friend about twenty years ago and had...
  15. drystonepaul

    1991 Saracen Tufftrax Extreme

    1991 Saracen Tufftrax Extreme Added another Saracen to my collection last week thanks to Boscarn. This one is a near 100% original Tufftrax Extreme from the 1991 model year. Even the colour matched reflector brackets were included. I'm not sure how 'extreme' it is but it is certainly in very...
  16. drystonepaul

    1993 Saracen Traverse Elite

    1993 Saracen Traverse Elite This bike has been a long time coming. Too long really, considering I've had practically all the parts collected and ready for several months. The 1993 Traverse was originally offered with a the 'new' M560 Deore LX groupset, which introduced low profile cranks...
  17. drystonepaul

    1998 Saracen Kili Team

    1998 Saracen Kili Team Picked this up a few weeks ago as a complete bike on eBay. Looking at the listing I could tell that it was a real mix of parts thrown onto what I hoped would be a nice frame. I picked it up a few miles from home and brought it back to my workshop. As expected most of...
  18. drystonepaul

    1991 Saracen Trekker Hydrotech

    1991 Saracen Trekker Hydrotech I collected this frame from Gravy Monster over a year ago and I've been gradually accumulating the parts for it since then. Many other key parts including the brakes, wheels, bars and stem also came from James, and the rest came from a variety of other sources...
  19. drystonepaul

    1988 Saracen Blizzard

    In the absence of the 1988 Saracen catalogue, I only found out about the Blizzard a few weeks ago when one appeared on ebay. Then a second one was posted up in the Early Saracen Lovers Anonymous thread by Antstark. He said that he'd only bought it for the front brake so I sent him a PM to see...