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  1. satkin55

    Catalogue 1991 Holdsworth / Falcon / Claud Butler catalogue

    1991 Holdsworth / Falcon / Claud Butler catalogue
  2. satkin55

    Manual 1995 Falcon / Claud Butler / Harrier owner's manual

    1995 owner's manual for Falcon, Claud Butler and Harrier cycles.
  3. satkin55

    Catalogue 1991 Falcon / Holdsworth / Claud Butler catalogue

    52-page catalogue from 1991 featuring Falcon cycles and their associated brands Claud Butler and Holdsworth.
  4. Hairylegs66

    For Sale Claud Butler frame and forks WITHDRAWN

    60.5cm seat tube c to c, 56cm top tube c to c. Holdsworth era frame (see pictures for frame number). I had this professionally refinished 20 years ago by API resprays in Chelmsford to its original finish for a family member but it has been unused since. A few small storage blemishes but...
  5. A

    Inherited bikes - what are they and what are they worth?

    Hi all, new here. I've been told this might be a great place to get some advice. I inherited some bikes and am looking to sell them but have little idea as to value or what the specific models/years are. As well as 3 Bromptons in good condition, a Santa Cruz frame with Marzocchi Bomber...
  6. W

    Claud Butler - Carpenter - Vintage Bike - Wheel Help

    Hi All, First of all a quick apology, as my knowledge on bikes it terrible. Me and my wife moved into her grandads house recently, and with it came a couple of vintage bikes, which we would love to get one of up and running as a nice gesture for the family, and to use for some casual riding...
  7. C

    My Claud Butler Gran Sport

    Hello there. I built this up during lockdown. I bought the frame with the intention of building it back to original condition, however, I decided I would rather build it to something better but still sort of period accurate (assuming parts had been upgraded over the following 20 years!) frame...
  8. Peachy!

    Claud Butler Titanius - The Catalogue correct build

    Well, I'm bored, so why not? Actually, I've been meaning to do this for some time now, ever since @IHateRain donated most of the correct running gear from his Titanius over in Germany to the cause. So, my German Titanius F41 00557 (which had a short life as a gravel bike, see here; ) is going...
  9. I

    1974 claud butler gran sport

    i have recently aquired an incredibly ratty claud butler gran sport frame from around 1974 for cheap, i'm intending to build it back up into some kind of usable bike, but am lacking knowledge on seatpost sizes. It is neither 25.4 or 27.2 but some kind of middle size which ive never encountered...
  10. W

    Wanted Rear wheel 27 x 1 1/4 w 6 speed cassette for Claud Butler Majestic

    Rear wheel was stolen this morning and want to get a replacement. Picture attached. Martin
  11. O

    Vintage Retro 1986 Claud Butler Road Bike 531 60cm

    Vintage Retro 1986 Claud Butler Road Bike 531 60cm On Ebay
  12. Peachy!

    1948 Claud Butler International Club looks all original

    Looks all there to me, very nice. late December 1948 so built as per the 1949 Catalogue.
  13. Peachy!

    Advice please on chainset ratios

    Morning, I popped out for a pootle on my 1954 Claud Butler Jubilee Special, first time since loosing a lot of weight (5st!) Positives; The Brooks Swallow is less painful 😄, and my lower arms don’t ach as much (less upper body weight?) Negatives; I find myself running out of gears. It’s got a 4...
  14. Wobblyfish

    Claud Butler Miura - bang average, but still resplendent with its Psycho boots on.

    Well it won't excite that many folk, as 'dripping with oddles of Shimano Altus' is rarely a grand opening gambit. Neither are the Kalin bar ends made from recycled Fray Bentos pie tins. Nor is the Reynolds CrMo sticker going get many salivating. Also, I'm sure like myself, rapidly approaching...
  15. B

    For Sale 1963 Claud Butler Super Coureur - Restoration Project

    Looking to sell my late father's Claud Butler Super Coureur which is in need of a full restoration. This is what I know/understand about it: Frame number: 14629 Original colour: Bright Green Flamboyant Made in 1962 for the launch of the 1963 brochure (been informed that it would've been made by...
  16. O

    Claud Butler road bike vintage 1955

    Claud Butler road bike vintage 1955 On Ebay
  17. G

    Claud Butler - Mystery model (1950s)

    Hi all First time post so be nice.:) My dad passed with CV19 in Dec last year and left me his pride and joy of which I have attached some pictures. I have had Northwood Cycles refurbish the running gear and give it a very decent (but sympathetic) clean up. Now I need help to identify it...
  18. A

    Sold 1979/1980 Claud Butler Majestique, Reynolds 531, 10 speed in very good original condition

    Came as part of a his and hers pair with a Holdsworth Championship which I am also selling. Both bikes look like they were used lightly then stored in a dry shed for the last 40 years. 20 inch Reynolds 531 frame and forks with Campagnolo rear drop outs. Huret Allvit rear derailleur. Huret front...
  19. Peachy!

    Claud Butler Catalogues MTB & ATB 1985 to 1998

    Ok, so I wanted to add these scans to the archive, but this thread will have to do for now 1985 Holdsworth owned Claud Butler bring out their first MTB the Canyon, in Reynolds 531 All terrain tubes, stays & forks.