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    Marzocchi fork servicing

    I've got a bottle of this for my next fork service, Motul Factory Line 100% synthetic: Marz recommend 7.5w but I've also run 10w in the past. Depends how you like your fork to feel.
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    Hayes 22mm to flat mount brake adapters

    That's neat. I think I've seen these mounts on Trek VRX bikes too, nice to keep the options open for fitting new calipers.
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    What are some of the best 26" MTB forks for rim brakes?

    Best forks? Bombers from Marzocchi, plentiful, easy to service, lots of models available. Coil/air, travel options. Not sure when they dropped the rim brake mounts but still had them in 2003.
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    Storing Suspension Forks

    Has anyone got a good solution to storing forks? Not sure how many pairs spare I have, but something like 5/6 sets of Bombers with the steerer tubes attached and 4/5 sets of rigid forks, road and MTB (just moved house and they are all packed in boxes carefully wrapped). Problem is that they're...
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    Four Bar Full Suspension Bikes

    Another new one showed up - Plummet Smart Bomb - Looks a lot like a Club Roost to me.
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    Budget rebuild 2001 Rocky Mountain Slayer

    Hi eshew. I've a set of Z1 QR20 forks missing the axle entirely. What spec tubing did you use to make yours? Cheers!
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    Mongoose Deuce Pro

    That's cool. Mongoose have made some nice bikes back in the day. Are you still riding it?
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    DNM Suspension Forks (LSF-80?)

    I've come across these with some other parts recently. Don't know much about them, other than DNM branded shocks and forks are still available new. Can anyone confirm the model number? I'm thinking it is an LSF-80 Quality seems fairly good and they seem smooth. Paint and stanchions also in good...
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    Formula (FS) to Post mount disc brake adapter

    That's a nice looking adapter for sure.
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    All about Formula Brakes and their 4 bolted hubs

    Do any of you Formula experts know when their calipers changed from FS mount to IS mount? In 1997 Marzocchi Bomber Z1 came with Formula Mount tabs, in 1998 the Z1 Alloy had Formula Mount too whist the Z1 BAM was International standard. By 1999, I don't think there were any Marzocchi forks...
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    Marzocchi Bomber Braces

    Another design to add. 1999 Marzocchi Bomber Z5
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    Wanted - Mongoose 1993 catalogue, anyone has?

    Thanks Vesatoro. Are they now in the archive?
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    Identify unknown DBR

    Quick question. I've just been browsing ebay and noticed a Marin with a headtube sticker the same as mine - see pic, with a 'CYC' number on it. I always assumed this was my frame number, but I'm not so sure now. Could it be some kind of tagging scheme like datatag? The sticker and font on mine...
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    1999 Marzocchi Bombers

    Thanks Talpfa. Just found the PDF following the link from that Youtube video.
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    Campagnolo Record 8 Speed Ergopower fault?

    Thanks for the responses. Looks like I'd better strip the shifter and take a look inside.