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    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Endeavour x2!!

    Hello. Been a while since I've been on RB... Came here to tell you how much I love your Dolomite. It's sensational and also deserved BOTM. While here I have also fallen for your Dynatech - another awesome build! Thanks.
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    BoTM BotM August 2021 nominations - bonded frames special

    Who doesn't want to ride that! Stunning.
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    1991 Team Fat Chance, Yo Eddy project - completed

    Stunning. A dream build for a dream bike.
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    My £29 CR-7

    That Avocet saddle suits it.
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    Marin Team Titanium 1990 - updated June 2021

    Nic this is stunning. Congrats!
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    My £29 CR-7

    Yes they were Japan in 1990.
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    My £29 CR-7

    Clean rig. Very nice. Confirms my thoughts that these really suit Turbo saddles.
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    My £29 CR-7

    Brilliant. Subscribed. This will turn out great. Your new stead is 1991. This is is 1990
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    Fat Chance Yo Eddy - 1990 MBUK Summer Special super bike tribute

    This is one of, if not my favourite bike(s) I've ever had the pleasure of viewing on this site!
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    boy"O"boy's 1990 Klein Attitude Dolomite/ Team USA/ Mavic build

    Loving your Attitude! Another of your builds that has inspired.
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    1991-2 ish Gary Fisher E Stay (Montare or Hoo koo e koo)

    Looking forward to seeing this one play out from NZ, may be able to help with bars?
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    Thermoplasticfantastic Scott Endorphin 1997

    Looking forward to seeing how this comes out.
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    Gary Fisher CR7

    A decade later this is how it looks today.
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    My 2 Gary Fisher : CR7 1991 & Montare 1992

    Had never made that link - Thanks!