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    Wanted VooDoo Headbadge

    Have one made?
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    1991 Diamondback Axis

    £50 ish I’d say. Full bike might make £150 in that condition.
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    For Sale Pace RC200 F3

    Hopefully you’ll find a opinion from another pace owner helpful but …..You may get that sort of figure if you split and list via eBay but as a whole bike you will struggle to break £1k on here. Usually for that sort of spec you’d get around 700-1000. Up at £1500 it would need to be dripping in...
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    Had a bit of time on it today. It’s not perfect as some scratches are a little too deep to remove but it’s 90% I’d say. Once decals are fitted and components on it would hide most imperfections. Currently on P800 grade so needs to go higher before polishing can commence
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    '98 GT Avalanche LE Q?

    Did the Avalanche’s have a butted headtube?
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    Rivnuts removed with a little advice from Dan Chambers (cheers) Started the long process of trying to remove all scrapes with wet/dry. Had to go slightly rougher than I’d hoped but it should clean up mostly. It’ll be a few sessions working through the grades before it can be polished.
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    So the spinning one is now out. Simple job actually carefully using a hacksaw whilst pulling away from frame So now the issue of the other 3. Downtube will be easy but yes the bottom one on the seattube is going to be awkward
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    Doesn’t seem enough room for a hacksaw down the back unfortunately. My main issue is I can’t see how you can get a straight line at the bottom seat tube rivnut with the drill. I’ve messaged Dan Chambers to see if he will take the job on to remove them.
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    Yes that’s a similair method to the online ones. Question is how do you remove a spinning rivnut with bolt still in place? Hacksaw? The others I assume simply drill them out ? If a drill fits in the space
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    Wanted 9 Speed Rear Derailleur

    🤷🏻‍♂️ no idea to be honest
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    Faking, recreating, copying , Pick your poison Same as many items on this site when they are refurbished and undergo a colour change.
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    I personally like them in anodised colours. Plus much rarer as everyone has a BB Zaskar
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    Yes the rivet nuts. I was thinking drill them out and then make a tool as per a few online guides.
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    That’s it …. I’m throwing the towel in

    Bumping this back up as I ended up keeping the 97 LE as Ball burnished but I’ve just got another 97 which seems to be crack/dent/deep scratch free. Plan is to clean it up and decide if it’s good enough to anodise green. Has anyone removed bottle bosses before ? And put some back in? Any...
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    Wanted 26" forks

    I’ve got a Ti hardtail with straight headtube using a tapered fork. Headset is a EC44 cane creek lower cup. Is it a 34mm or 44mm headtube?