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    For Sale XTR / Chris King / Flite/XT /Magura / Hope

    All prices inc UK postage except for wheels which are collection only from Chesterfield due to lack of boxes currently. Payment via PayPal gift or cover fees please More pictures available. All items are used. Flite genuine gel - £28 SDG bel air - £18 Charge saddle - £18 SOLD XTR M953 f mech...
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    For Sale Fox Forx vanilla 125 forks

    Pair of good condtion Fox Forx I haven’t ridden or used so I would recommend a service prior to use. They are smooth and appear to work as they should from squishing them down £125 inc UK postage by PayPal gift or cover fees please
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    For Sale GT Zaskar frame 16 inch

    GT Zaskar frame 16 inch Has a few marks and scratches from use. Brake bosses are missing. £200 plus £15 postage by PayPal gift or cover fees please
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    For Sale Chinarello F12

    The term chinarello is widely used to describe the China Knock off versions so anyone in the market knows exactly what this is. Seller is 100% honest in that respect. Plus the fact it’s £900 for a F12 not £12k. From what I’ve seen they are a good copy too and some people do get caught out.
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    For Sale Chinarello F12

    Yeh because China care about copyright laws.
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    1998 GT Backwoods frame confusion

    I never said he believed it was a RS. Just that he would tell everyone it came from Ford factory with a RS badge fitted as he purchased it new. Little does he know how many hands a new car passes through before reaching its first owner. And that’s a 20k car. Let alone a few hundred quids worth...
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    1998 GT Backwoods frame confusion

    I don’t think for 1 second that the factory stuck the 6061 on. The first bike in the OP has a wonky sticker for starters. Stickers were the thing in the 90s. Maybe the distributor stuck it on as the 7005 got damaged or something silly. Who knows I could stick a RS badge on a Focus Zetec and...
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    1998 GT Backwoods frame confusion

    I did read your statement and said in my post I know this could happen. It happens in car production all the time. Whether it’s 6061 or 7005 it won’t affect the value really but it would be interesting to know. I’m not convinced though. 7005 frames are stamped too though remember. And if GT...
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    1998 GT Backwoods frame confusion

    Every Backwoods or Avalanche I’ve had has always been stamped with alloy grade. If it was stamped 6061 then you would know for sure but it seems they never are stamped when folk are claiming to be something better. Lots , and I mean lots of people buy stickers to make their bikes look or appear...