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    1998 Kona Ku - Pipmeister

    After a gentle round trip, and some most pleasant bike banter, I now find myself as the new custodian of an amazing 1998 Kona Ku. The start of a journey.
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    Malverns classic 2021 aftermath

    Looks like I missed a great weekend. Some seriously nice bikes there.
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    For Sale Rare retro goodies; Girvin, USE, Hope, Shimano etc

    Yes please on Velocity stem. Will PM you.
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    Would site owners ever consider reform the categories?

    And that is where the fun starts as there is no clear date. e.g. Frame angles, started slack, became steeper, and are now going slacker again e.g. Suspension, amoung others I have a ‘94/95 full sus, a ‘96 hard tail and a ‘97 fully rigid As such, the cutoff we have now have seems about right...
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    For Sale 'Retro Punctures'!

    Further to the above. I think I may have also received one of your non-retro road samples a couple of weeks ago. Whilst this product was good, it was not up there with the retro-off-road product. It took some hunting, but the offending piece of glass did finally reveal itself. The nice touch...
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    For Sale 'Retro Punctures'!

    Free Sample Puncture Feedback Whilst the free sample puncture gave all I could possibly want in a puncture (see below), and understand your need to get market place visibility for your product (in what is a well contested market place), please could you now remove me from your Beta test team...
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    For Sale 'Retro Punctures'!

    To whomever Karma’d me a retro puncture last night, thank you, but you can have it back now. :mad:
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    Orange disc brake rotors

    I‘ve got these on my Sub5Pro - came as part of the Hope upgrade pack, Hubs, Brakes and Headset.Custom option allowed you to specify a name or short number of words.
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    no rhyme,no reason just 1 retrobike pic per post

    Just arrived...
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    What shoes do you wear for mountain biking?

    Something not too formal with a kitten heel? But more normally, Specialized 2FO clippy shoes on Time MX pedals.