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    Holy Grail Muddy Fox Prestige

    Fingers crossed it turns up on here. 🤞
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    Holy Grail Muddy Fox Prestige

    Yes! Was going to bid, but no time or space, so next best thing is helping someone get it! 👍😎 Live in Ealing so big too far from Harrow. Looks like a beauty! 👍👍👍
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    91 Zaskar - she’s a big girl

    Brain fart on my behalf! 🤯 They are becoming more common these days 😬. Yes I should have said 16”, not 16.5” and indeed they come up big as they measure C to C. The only 0.5” size is the tiny 14.5”. Being a shorty all my bike including roadie and track frames have sloping top tubes. 👍😎
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    For Sale Suntour XC Pro, Toplines, Turbo, Wheels, Tyres

    Interested in the white Turbo. Any splits or marks? Does look mint from the limited view of the one photo. 😀 When you say not original, what do you mean? Not Selle Italia, so a copy? Or just produced by Selle Italia at a later date rather than period correct (80s/90s). Many thanks! 👍
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    91 Zaskar - she’s a big girl

    Lovely Zaskar by the way. I always rode a 16.5” one so a 20.5” is a beast of a frame!!!
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    91 Zaskar - she’s a big girl

    This is from @Peachy! There’s a Sticky thread under Retro MTB Chat called Restoration/Renovation hints and tips thread links:
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    85 Saracen conquest....what have i started!.....Finished!

    A M A Z I N G ! ! ! What a great thread with lovely amounts of detail and awesome photography. Bike looks absolutely amazing and looks like a beauty to ride. 👍:cool:
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    Holy Grail Muddy Fox Prestige

    Not located too far away from me
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    Another 1989/90 Orange Clockwork - Lemon flavoured.

    What a beauty! Lemon flavoured Orange done to perfection. 👋👍:cool: Love the family shot!
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    Ibis Trials Comp Mountain Bike, 24"/20" wheels

    Love that! :cool: As above, will cost a small fortune getting it to the UK...
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    For Sale Dave Hinde fillet braze MTB frame

    Not sure on headtube size, but @legrandefromage has some chrome spinner forks for a bargain price that could work with this frame. Steerer may be the wrong size and perhaps too short, but look wise would match the chrome rear triangle well...
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    For Sale Dave Hinde fillet braze MTB frame

    I don’t blame you! I would have got it, but no chance of me getting up to Cheshire anytime soon so had to try and ignore which I have completely failed to do! Look forward to seeing a build thread on this beauty.
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    A Netflix build special… (JMC Replica)

    Looks like you've cut them a little short?! Were these complimented by a ripped and tanned torso just like JMC back in the day? 😜 Back to the bike itself. What an absolute beauty. Great to see how this has progressed over the years and well done sticking with it. I'd be grinning from...
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    1992 Ritchey P21-Team W.C.S Build

    W O W ! ! ! What a beauty bike and some great shots. Those tri-colour Ritchey's sure left their mark in the 90s with numerous XC wins.
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    1988 Moulton AM-ATB

    Wonder why they opted for a caliper front brake? Strange if this was an "ATB" as the front brake is where you want bite/power, something calipers are not known for. I was thinking it is the skinny legs on the leading link forks, but then you have skinny rear seat stays... Can anyone enlighten me...