Geoffrey Cleland Apps, the UK mountain bike pioneer has been nominated for the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame - hopefully this year he will be voted in and a glaring omission corrected. Mr Apps was riding bicycles off road in the mid 60s and his unique take on the 'mountain bike' pre dates the Marin County pioneers by several years. If you don't know about Geoff Apps I suggest you read up about him and his bicycles here on retrobike, here on wikipedia or here and here in the Mountain Bike Hall...
Dave Hemming's (alleged) old Fat Chance 'Harlequin' Yo Eddy has just appeared for sale - on ebay in Mexico! Click here for full details, still awaiting confirmation from both Mr Hemming and the seller that this is the real deal.
For those who missed it MBR magazine joined us at February 2010's Thetford meet. The resulting article was out in last month's (April 2010) MBR. The magazine kindly agreed that we could publish a high res copy once the mag had left the news stand. Click here to view pages one and two and click here to view pages three and four. Click here to see the forum discussion.
Just finished updating the retro and reissued parts thread today, which can be found here. Loads of stuff added including NOS XC Pro and spare L shape brackets for ringle H20 cages. If you find anything else out there please add to the thread!
More images from Geoff Waugh from the recent MBR magazine retrobike article have been uploaded here. Geoff has indicated there should be some detail shots uploaded soon.
MBR magazine joined us at last months Thetford meet. The resulting article is out in this months (April 2010) MBR and is the best piece on the site in the press to date - top work! Click here to see the article and forum discussion. The article features five riders and bikes with pictures by Geoff Waugh and words by Andy Waterman. The bikes includes Jon's (aka Jonnyboy666) Orange Aluminium Elite, Neill's Eastern Woods Research, Rekiborter's (aka Chris) Parkpre Pro Image, Jango's (aka...
The retrobike google map for registered forum users is now back online here. If you've not added yourself to the map and you'd like to you can do so by updating your profile, just click 'search my coordinate' and get your pin on the map.
This just in from Neill, the man behind the GoatSurfer Retro MTB website. Planet Earth, November 2009 - GoatSurfer Retro MTB officially launches online. GoatSurfer Retro MTB has been started primarily to put something back into the RetroBike Community and that 'something' is the Pace Forks Timeline. The object of this is to have a chronological timeline with high quality pictures, model numbers and product info for all the Pace forks. This took a while to get together and is still...
Cook Bros is alive according to the recently updated website. Look forward to seeing what they come out with.
Good to see the Cunningham Bikes website back up, an outstanding resource for all things 'ham.
Just been sent a link (thanks to @cdnprairiedog on twitter) to a very interesting advert on craigslist. The advert reads as follows bicycle framebuilding jigs - $8000 I'm selling all my framebuilding jigs / fixtures / tubing / brazons. These are all the jigs and fixtures used to make the 4000+ handbuilt brodie frames over a 15 year period... a liitle bit of history you might say! I haven't built a bicycle frame in about 5 years, so it is time to move them on, hopefully to a good home...
Updated classified rules here. New gold trader status trial here. Please check them out!
It's all go here at RB's mountain hideaway. Just tweaked the forum template slightly to be consistent with the rest of the site and include the site wide google search function. If you've any feedback please leave it here. If you'd like to use the old template (I know you all fear change) or any of the other templates guidance for that can be found here.
Apparently US$12211 (around GBP£7322) after this ebay auction finished. Click here for more details.
The "Does Retro Rock" article from What Mountain Bike Issue 100 is now online, thanks to the WMB Ed for allowing us to host this. The article features various site members along with a Guy Kesteven from WMB riding various old machines including a Pace RC-100, Raleigh Team Dynatech, AMP Research B4, Tushingham and Klein Attitude. The bikes were compared against their current favourite, a Giant Anthem. Read the article to find out who came on top!
Follow retrobike on twitter - http://twitter.com/retrobike. Will do a few updates from MM over the weekend!
English off-road pioneer Geoff Apps has finally been nominated for the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame by Graham Wallace. Click here for full details > http://www.completesite.com/mbhof/page.cfm?pageid=7&categoryid=4&memberid=209