To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the 1987 World Mountain Bike Championships in Villard de Lans,France a festival weekend has been organised. The event is taking place over the weekend of 16th and 17th June 2012 and is once again being held in Villard de Lans. The historic meet is being attended by inaugural World Champion Ned Overend and trials supremo Hans Ray amongst others. Check the thread in the forum for more details.
Privateer Issue 8 goes on sale tomorrow the 16th March 2012. If you haven't subscribed already be sure to check out the special Retrobike subscription offer. In the new issue, and of particular retro interest, we have: *Steve Peat talks to Tym Manley about his career to date, and why de doesn't plan on quitting at the top. *Next on the agenda, Andy Waterman visits Nicolai Bikes in Germany to uncover the human faces behind these teutonic classics. *Later on in the magazine, another Mike, Mike Davies, continues his look at the technical side of mountain biking with an in depth look at the science of the bicycle wheel. There's more to it than you might think... Elsewhere, we interview John Lloyd, prolific organiser of endurance events...
Privateer Issue 7 is on sale now, if you haven't subscribed already be sure to check out the special Retrobike subscription offer. Once again the magazine has a healthy dose of retro content which includes *Steve Behr reminisces over the Winter road trip features which graced many a mid 90s mountain bike magazine. The trips generally featured some riding, a car crash and Rob Warner, not always in that order. *Mike Davis (aka forum member MikeD) concludes his excellent piece on the evolution of frame geometry. *Tym Manley visits Conti in Deutschland. ..and of course loads more. Click here to find Privateer stockists.
Retrobike member Milko aka Matt Burton has had several of his illustrations published in the latest issue of Peloton magazine. The illustrations can be seen in issue 9 of Peloton which is out in the UK this week, full details on the Peloton website. Check Matt's website http://www.milkoillustration.co.uk/ for more examples of his work.
Very rare to see one of these on the open market, which is already reflected in the price with several days left. The Breeezer Type II auction can be found here and discussion in the forum here. This bike was built from Reynolds 531 by Joe Breeze himself back in 1980, enough said really :D
Fancy an upgrade of that old Kona? An unknown seller with a bike of unknown provenance has something you might like. It's Charlie Cunningham's Indian #1.
Frank Wadleton aka Frank The Welder of Yeti (and lots more bedise) fame is selling his Yeti Ultimate on the 'Bay, click here to see Frank's Yeti Ultimate. The auction is to help his friends out who have had a bad run so we hope it goes very big.
Uploaded to youtube by Carlton Reid this short you tube clip from Tyne Tees show 'Chain Gang' has a feature on Jason McRoy. Part of the feature shows some awesome footage of JMC vs Myles Rockwell on the Reebox Eliminator.
DaCorsa are a group of German enthusiasts who restore and ride retro road bikes part as hobby part as business. There are some top draw bikes and pictures on the site including some shots from L'Eroica 2011, well worth a look here > www.dacorsa.de . Click here to discuss in the forum.
The Bicycle Academy sounds like a great project happening here in Somerset, UK. Check full details in their press release below. “A place to learn how to make bikes. You keep the skills, your first bike goes to someone who really needs it” The Bicycle Academy is a new enterprise providing people with the skills and facilities to design and make their own bikes. Frame building will be taught by the legendary Brian Curtis as evening classes or short weekday courses from The Bicycle Academy workshop in Frome, Somerset. As part of the learning process each student will make a frame to be donated to people in Africa, then once graduated students will be able to use The Bicycle Academy workshop to hone their skills and build their own...
There are fewer things more iconic in the world of retrobike than Klein factory paint - from Dolomite to Nightstorm the work of the skilled painters almost overshadows the undoubted technical innovation of the framesets themselves. Forum member Jonrock has been honing his skill repainting Kleins for several years now, he stands heads and shoulders above others as being the only real option for a factory look refinish. Jon has taken his hobby to the next step and started a website with full details of the services he offers, check it out here > http://www.kleinspainted.com and don't forget to tell 'em retrobike sent you!
Poll results now in for the best ever Fat Chance paintjob. Official results as follows 1. Aquafade 2. Team Violet 3. Chameleon Metallica Unsurprisingly the iconic Aquafade took the title. Click here to see the best ever fat chance paintjob poll and more importantly pictures.
The fourth issue of the rather lovely (and impressively door-stopping) Privateer magazine is about to reach the shops – subscribers have had theirs for a couple of weeks and have been using words like “gorgeous”, “sweet”, “giant peach” and of course “smell” to describe it. Inside you'll find columns from Charlie Kelly, Thomas Frischknecht and Will Longden alongside an array of expansive features from around the world. There's the amazing story of Hope, a day with World Downhill Champion Tracy Moseley, the gently unhinged world of 24 hour soloing and more. Nick Larsen looks at the dark art of marketing and concludes that hype is a force for good. There are glorious pictures, interesting words and stickmen. What more could you need...
As the site approaches it's sixth anniversary we've reached another major milestone - 15,000 users! Click here to discuss in the forum. Retrobike - original and best since 2005 :D
Prestige Cycles have been announced as the new UK importer of iconic Canadian brand Dekerf. The new shop is opening on 14th May in Hove and will be carrying Yeti, Ibis and Surly as well as Dekerf and various other brands. Prestige Cycles have supplied us with a discount voucher for those visiting on the day of opening. Click here for voucher, this entitles you to 15% off parts and 20% off fitting. Click to read full press release Overview of Organisation Prestige Cycles Limited is an exciting new company set up by Stephen Roche who brings with him over 20 years of experience in the cycle trade and a vast knowledge of both road, mountain and tri bikes. Prestige will be a boutique cycle shop located on the idyllic south coast town...
We now have a new facebook page setup here www.facebook.com/retrobike. If you like the site please like the page, either visit the page or click the facebook button in the sidebar to the left.
Issue two of Privateer magazine is now available, and looks to have sailed over that “difficult second issue” hurdle with grace and style. Insightful, intelligent and in-depth, this isn't a mag that you'll be done with in twenty minutes and then recycle. There's plenty to appeal to Retrobike members, with features on the history of titanium and of course the Old World Mountain Bike Championships. You'll also find a look at the birth of freeride, seven days in Wales, Hermida's facial hair, what's already regarded as the definitive story of Orange and a distinctive inky smell. Plus columns from Steve Peat, Rob Penn and Charlie Kelly. And how tectonics makes trails, and exactly what observed trials has (or hasn't) to do with mountain...

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