Yeti Ultimate


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This one took a very long time to collect the right parts for, like 10 years. I do have an Accu Trax for it but need to shorten the steer tube to make it fit. Currently has a Halson fork which works! Girvin cranks, King headset, Bullseye hubs with Mavic rims, XT all around and of course, a Brooks saddle. Paint is original as well as the head tube badge but the stickers around the rest of the bike were badly worn so a repop set was applied. Tires are those Specialized with the red stripe but I do have a set of tan walls which are on the border of too crispy to ride on so some day those will go on for viewing pleasure only. Hope posting many pics is ok. I'll try to post a different bike every other day, may take a month or1005211849.jpg1005211849_HDR.jpg1005211849a.jpg1005211849b.jpg1005211850.jpg1005211850a.jpg1005211851.jpg1005211851_HDR.jpg two to see them all LOL.


Dirt Disciple
Thanks. It does not get ridden, I'm too old and have some health issues. Mostly building now. I have a set of NOS Mavic brown color rims for it but the newer black ones just looked right so went with those. And sorry about the plastic baggies hanging on the bike, don't want to lose the bolt on option Allen's and washers.

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Excellent! Good to see another Ultimate, and with some nice components as well - I’ve been keeping my eye open for some black 36H Bullseye hubs but no luck yet!

Not seen or heard of Girvin cranks before.