XTR ST-M950/m951 Weird Gear Barrel Adjuster Diameter :S Replacement


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Hello All,

So I have a set of XTR ST-M950 M951 shifter, brake lever combo. Now the gear barrel adjuster of one side had a stripped thread. Strangely the size of the screw threading into the shifter is a weird size :S It seems to be 7.5mm (if I got it correctly). Went through all my shifters and derries, but they all have the thinner barrel adjuster screws.

So were the M950/M951 the only shifters with that size? Where can I find a replacement? Because all the others I see are the thinner type :)

Well that is it, hope somebody can help :)



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I've got a set of silver aftermarket ones I'll not be needing soon - happy to send them karma. Want a pic?