Workshop/Workspace... Show us yours!

Good luck with the cull. Never easy and new (but old!) bikes seem to magically appear again...

Is that roof space on the house? Or do you have a mega garage??? Only asking as some of our North American RBers seem to have mahoosive spaces! 😳
‘tis my garage man cave. There should be space to easily access them and move them about but there simply isn’t, so need to get down to lower numbers again. 3 Dynatechs and a MuddyFox in the last few months were a bit unexpected but I couldn’t say no 🫢
I really like the interlocking rubber floormat, and I also like that you have enough space to comfortably move around.
That big black pipe worries me though. That'd be a real shi**y experience if that were to break! :eek:

If I were you, I'd get a shop vac, paint it red, and hang it on the wall near the end of the bench, always plugged in and ready to deploy in case of an emergency.

Either that or have a backhoe idling in the driveway so if that pipe breaks, you can just backfill the entire garage, bikes and all so you don't have to deal with"fallout" if that pipe ever breaks.
@sinnerman do have a build thread on the dirt drop Roberts? Suntour equipped with an EGG outer ring???