Why yes it is. 1991 GT zaskar


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You might recognise this from the eBay thread a few weeks ago and @dablk's build thread. He decided to pass it on and offered it to me.

This is dablks original build thread: https://www.retrobike.co.uk/threads/dablk’s-1991-gt-zaskar.463768/

Naturally I jumped at it.

A lot of hard work had already been done, forks and bars blasted and primed and a flip flop stem kindly karma'd from the states.

My plan for this is to do a slow build, using m732 and get forks and bars professionally painted over the next few months.

Heres the starting point:

Happily my DX seatpost is the right size so that will make it's way on to the final build.


There are a few bits that will I need for this:

* 135 old M732 wheelset, preferably vantage comp rims, but will consider anything of the right vintage.
* M735 low profile cantilevers, I can swap for some nice m732 with original pads
* Polish. Lots of polish :)

Knowing me I'll end up throwing it together at some point just to see how it looks
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Enjoy Matt,
Be great to see it when it’s rolling again. I just ran out of energy at the point where the real costs would have started for a frame that was always going to be too small.

As you say Massive respect to @Suprachrgd82 for the karma stem. And all the other rare bits he’s sending out for free to keep things like this combo going.
Making a bit of progress. The bars and forks have gone for paint at Atlantic boulevard in Bury.

I've also given the frame a bit of a buffing. I've not tried to remove the deeper scratches, and probably won't as I'm pretty happy with it looking a little scarred.

There's something about a U-braked, Black decal Zaskar. I think I had this one in my sights when it was listed on the bay. Enjoy the build-up.
Checking in for this one. I've got one myself, which also needs the fork repainting
Also watching.
I've side lined my '92 Zaskar part way through polishing so that I could finish at least one other project which should have come first.
Be a good build up.
the anodised zaskars I had were smart,
But the ball burnished always looks just right
Small frame chunkyness of the ubrake and black stem,bars and some matching onza barends looks 👍🏻

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