Which cone goes on the drive side?


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So i did that thing.....
Took a hub apart for servicing and am now in a quandry as to how it goes back together.
The cones and lock nuts are different, the axle threads are the same length on both sides, bearings are the same size both sides.
Instinctively, i want to put the side that's still assembled on the drive side.....
But everything feels nicer if it goes on the NDS.
Further complicating matters is the fact that the hub sits in the dropouts more evenly with the assembled part on the NDS.....
There are two little 'seals' on one of the cones - hopefully these will indicate to someone which side this goes on.
I know.....but in my defence, i was expecting to put it back together there and then, but i got distracted and it's now been several days.
Any help greatly appreciated.1.jpg2.jpg


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I'm not sure from that pic, but I'm sure when you try and put it back together it will become clear. NDS usually has more spacers.


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Thanks for the reply.
It's a good point about the spacers - which suggests the assembled side is the NDS.
When i put it together if just 'feels' better like that.
It's looking like the DS came undone when i disassembled the hub.....


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Pretty sure the DS going to be 'shorter' due to the extra length of the freewheel?
If it feels right too...!?


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for future reference it's always a good idea to take a few pics when dismantling anything for the first time, take snaps from a couple of angles at each stage of the process - it makes retracing your steps easy peasy 👍


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If you know what the hub is, a layout diagram should be available on the Web, especially if it's Shimano.


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Many thanks for the replies - much appreciated.
Just goes to show - an odd comment here or there can tip the balance in the right direction.
The words 'spacers' (foz) and 'shorter' (Stressed) did the trick.
Think i was kind of tunnel vision on the assembled part being the DS, but it wasn't.
It was an absolute pig to seperate the cone and spacer (super tight) so i think i must have unwound the axle from the DS.
Which of course is not ideal as i then had to start from scratch reassembling the hub.
I've come to the conclusion that there is no sweet spot on this one regarding adjustment so i've gone for the 'tiniest amount of play and smooth' option, as opposed to the 'ever so slightly scratchy with no play' option.
Would prefer the 'smooth with no play' option, but it doesn't seem to exist.
Anyway, here's the axle assembled.
Thanks again!Rear Axle.jpg