Wheel Building book by Roger Musson


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I assume quite a few of you have got this book or downloaded it already, but its been on my " must get round to reading" list for a few years now.

Father Christmas handed me a memory stick with it on and i thought you might like to hear my thoughts, incase you are thinking of getting it or may be interested in the topic.

Ive built probably 20 sets of wheels before reading this and trued up hundreds, especially when i worked in the shop in the dark ages, so I'm not coming in blind.

Saying that, the book is excellent and starts right at first principals, its a great balance between "instruction " to straight out follow and " theory" you can digest and learn if you choose. It also makes recommendations for further reading.

I should think that even having never built a set of wheels, using the clear instructions and diagrams, it should be pretty straightforward. So is perfect for beginners. Component choice is covered and it deals with most standard construction and spoke patterns.

I found it fascinating, as like many of you, nobody ever " taught " me to build or fix wheels, it was necessity of the hobby. It made me think about some of my habits and dispelled a few long held myths. Theres also some great tips for every level.

The section on tensioning spokes i found very enlightening; ive always worried about tension. Normally concerned its too tight (am i damaging the rims, will the spokes fail......but if its too loose.....etc etc) but the book really cuts through that and im happier now about the subject. It also pretty much debunks the belief you must have a tension meter.....i never have, but have thought about it.

Another bonus is the download gives you access to a great spoke calculator and the plans for building a wheel jig and dishing tool. All from 18mm mdf or ply, plus a few nuts and bolts from the shed. I built mine from .....uhummmm....scrap.....see below.

If i had to be critical at all, it would be that there is very little on the technique for repairing damaged wheels. But, i can see how dificult this would be to write as every damaged wheel will be different, requiring skill in assessing the reason for the fault being as necessary as the instruction to fix it. But, the section on final trueing, should go someway to getting you there.

So all in all, for £9.00, i think its a great read......even if your never planning to build it may save you money, as knowing if that set of wheels your picking up is actually any good would help! Personally, i would pay the money just for the jig plans.

Happy reading


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Thanks for sharing that.

Very helpful for people like me who have never built up there own wheels, but have always wanted to

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