What new Replacement chains for Campagnolo 6/7 speed ?

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At the risk of being lambasted for asking a repeat question, what are people using now we can't just nip out to the bike shop and buy a decent Sedis or Regina chain to fit on our C Record group ?
I am aware of KMC chains although I've never used them on any of my older stuff, does anyone have any recommendations that don't involve £100 + ebay purchases for NOS Gold dust ?
There are lots of Shimano HG chains about but have read there is a difference with Campag subtle or otherwise ?? ...1/2 x 3/32 should work I guess but Shimano stuff is designed to work with their integrated indexed sprockets right.
Some of my Campagnolo packaged chains were Sedis as I remember.

Please feel free to enlighten, educate or lambast me !


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SRAM are what used to be Sedis. Agreed, they work and last well. Don't buy the cheapest one (PC820?) as it's not hardened. All others are, and they the difference is primarily finish.
My LBS carries Taya, I'm quite pleased with them after being a SRAM loyalist for years.


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I’ve run a 9sp Miche on an 8sp Campagnolo cassette... very smooth. Not the cheapest but not silly money.