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If an old fella wanted something to keep him occupied in his dotage, and enjoyed researching 60's and 70's Italian local cycle club vintage cycling Jerseys........not collectable professional stuff. Then he thought, I now have too many, the wife is getting a little tetchy, maybe I should sell them. Would anyone buy such beautiful and nostalgic items that may be a little old tech? Comments encouraged.
I think that would be determined on a garment by garment basis by an individual. The materials themselves are probably nicer than the early 90s shiny but poor fitting elasticated kit. Do you have any from the Campania/Naples region?
I think the Eroica crew are always up for a pre- lycra jersey. They seem to sell them at the events (not that I have ever done one mind, I've just watched the videos on youtube). I think theres always a market for the more obscure old jerseys that Prendas or Chinese copyists haven't already covered.
Here are a few


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Fantastic indeed. You should have no trouble selling them, should you want to.

I love wool jerseys. Sadly, the original ones don't fit my well-fed 6'1'' frame. 😐

Luckily new ones are available in grown-up sizes. I even had one made with my name on it, by one of the sellers at L'Eroica:

There is a market for those sorts of jerseys. I tend to wear mine and repair them when needed, while others tend to collect them but don’t use them.

If you put them on eBay, check similar prices and bear in mind the sizing is a bit all over the place. List the armpit-to-armpit measurement, bottom of collar to bottom of back and bottom of collar to bottom of front measurements 👍
Thank you everyone. I think at the moment I will probably keep them and try to find somewhere I can post what I have found out about each jersey, specifically the clubs who wore them. Maybe start a blog somewhere. For instance the Cicli Rossi jersey is probably related to these fellas
Well, sooner than I anticipated, I have posted my first blog related to the vintage jerseys in my collection. I have started with the Cicli Rossi Jerseys. Very excited to embark on this. Previously I wrote a blog related to 8mm films that I had bought from ebay. They were American family movies of the 50's and 60's which I crudely converted to digital format. I then tried to find the families in the USA. A lot of work with little reward......So despite having a little experience of blogging, that was a time ago. My foray into a blog related to vintage cycle jerseys is hopefully as rewarding, yet a little less complicated to research. The link is to my first blog, so any advice would be gratefully received

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