Vianelli Olympic


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I have just completed this built, rather lovely lightweight frame with original engraved parts.
Size 51cm square.

Flickr photo set here

Nisi rims on Gipiemme Dual Sprint hubs
Nuovo Gran Sport / Record Derailleurs
Laprade Seatpost
3ttt Bars
Saccon levers
Universal Super 68 calipers


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Nob":2jfzsp7y said:
what length are the cranks as they look deceptively long?

Hi Ian,
170! I did panic myself when you pointed it out, maybe it's because the phone wasn't parallel to the bike when I took the pic! :)



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I've been chatting to a friend in Italy who know Vianelli well, "Vianelli are in Brescia city...i know well dear friend worked for him many years as a mechanic in his shop,he weld himself the steel frame back in those days....(no more today) many Marinoni frames was made by Vianelli (Vianelli e Marinoni was both in italian amateur national cycling team in the 60s)"


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very cool. beautiful country. what would be super cool, would be to take the bike to Italy, and ride it around the countryside over there for a spell.


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I find it interesting bikenut :)
I really like this Vianelli. They are always very nicely proportioned frames and classy but understated. I was offered one a good few years ago now. A 50cm square, a flat black with gold lettering, really nice but unfortunately at the time I didn't have the money, not that he wanted much. Often think of that frame. This is the first I have seen for a long while.
Very nice, enjoy.


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