Unusual Carlton - any idea what model?


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Looks a lot like a Catalina I owned a few years ago, mine was a 1959 I think, rear drops outs were different though. I can post more pics if needed.
I don't believe they were 531 though.

Carlton frame numbers

Here are letter dating prefixes...

Early frame numbers were prefixed with a letter. They were stamped on the left side rear dropout.
A 1939 F 1957-58 L 1963
B 1940-48 G 1959 M 1964
C 1948-52 H 1960 S 1965
D 1953-54 J 1961 T 1966
E 1955-56 K 1962 Y 1967


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Hi, sorry, I can't remember where I got them from, I copied them from the internet somewhere when I had the bike and saved them in the photo file.
Mine had Cyclo drop outs. I cleaned the bike up and made it work as per the last photo and sold it on as it was.


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The rear dropouts are by Vitus and appeared on Raleigh & Carlton models in the early 80's so maybe an indication to when the frame was updated

I do think the rear drop outs are a later addition. Both drop outs are devoid of paint, suggesting a weak diy touch up which has flaked off