Unusual Carlton - any idea what model?


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This frame I just bought is said to be a 531 Carlton from the 1970's but it has the earlier Capella lugs. Capella lugs were used by Carlton from 1959-1967.

Down tube transfer and brazed gear lever bosses indicate from the 70's. Dropouts look 70's. Lamp bracket on fork looks 50s-60's. Bit of a weird one 🤔. Did they just use older lugs? (I've seen some mid-late 1970's SBDU Raleigh's use Capella lugs... Even on 753 tubesets; https://raleigh-sb4059.com/2020/02/...bdu-ilkeston-reynolds-753-sb1625-new-arrival/).

s-l400.jpgs-l400 (1).jpgs-l400 (2).jpgs-l400 (3).jpg


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One for History Man to solve..if you can get a frame number….

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Is that an early Stronglight cotterless axle with the threads on the axle end? I had a couple MANY years ago when I were nobbutt' a lad - and I reckon they were a few years old then!

Or is it some modern 'budget' axle?


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Certainly Capella lugs, dropouts look like they have been replaced so could have had more braze ons. I'll have a ponder....


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The rear dropouts are by Vitus and appeared on Raleigh & Carlton models in the early 80's so maybe an indication to when the frame was updated.