Trek 8000 1991 - Resurrecting a dead bike project.


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Found my dad's Trek 8000 1991 rotting in my auntie's beach house, the bike was left hanged in the wall for years, so, the sea salt corroded almost everything. The only parts that I could save was the frame, fork, stem and wheels, everything else was corroded. So, I asked him to ship it to me here in London where I just started the restoration process.

Last week I left the frame and fork with David at to get it sandblasted and painted in white pearl matte, the TREK/8000/USA decals will be repainted but in a different way, just the outline, I think is will look quite nice, the ALUMINUM decal will be replaced/painted with a new word, VINTAGE 1991, using the same font. Not cheap, £220.00

I managed to find on eBay a brand new boxed set of the original Shimano Deore XT ST-M092 cambio MTB shifter 7x3 speed, also a Shimano Deore DX 1 1/8" Threaded Headset, a Shimano DX Front Derailleur FD-M650 in pristine condition, a Shimano Deore DX Rear Dérailleur RD-M650 in very good condition and the set of Shimano Deore XT BR-M734 cantilever brakes in tip tip condition. I will not search for the original bottom bracket, I rather buy a modern sealed one instead, like a SHIMANO BB-UN26, it will be cheaper and much better compared with the original. A 7 speed Shimano cassette, chain, seat post, quick release, pedals and a flatbar can be purchased on for a very good price. The only thing remaining to complete the set now is the Shimano Deore DX Crankset FC-MT60 (Black Chainwheels), which has been very difficult to find n very good condition. I actually found a brand new one but the guy is asking a fortune for it. Need to keep searching every week.

In about three weeks time I will pick up the painted frame and will start to assemble the bike, it will look beautiful. I will surely post new updated!


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minor_LEGEND":foxzzv1l said:
Woah, that is corrosion.
I love this model of Trek in particular, I'd love to have an original.

My too, lovely bike and has a great riding position. The new paint job with come up great! You will see.