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thank you Markybeau


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Got out this afternoon for a loop of 21 miles. My pace is starting to improve. I was hoping to get out on one of the bikes I've recently bolted together today but...

Note to self - check components, mechs especially, as soon as they arrive, rather than some time later, so that if you've purchased a pup it can be followed up. Two bikes out of action is annoying.

On the other hand the Stumpjumper has been bulletproof recently.

It was a really lovely day, nice and sunny, for a late afternoon roll along the TPT towards Doncaster. I need to go early morning really, as it gets super busy, which breaks up the rhythm and diminishes some of the fun. Today I continued along the Greenway, up to the Roman Ridge the other side of Woodlands. From there I took a mostly road route back, through Brodsworth and Barnburgh, as the sun was setting and I was without Pocket Sunlight. Caught the TPT at Harlington for the last mile or so towards home.

Temperature was about 12°c when I went out, nice - although still long tights, but no thermal top or jacket. Temperature dropped quite rapidly once the sun set.

Ground was a revelation, much drier than it has been, but still quite muddy in places.


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Bit of a longer adventure on a stunner of a sunny day.

It was 1°c when I left and about 7°c by the time I got back. To be honest it was so calm (1.2mph wind) I didn't feel it at all. In fact about 15 miles in I had to stop and take my jacket and top layer off as it was too much.

The TPT (62) grows on me each time I go out. If I want a harder ride I head west, towards The Pennines. A gentler ride is east, towards the coast, and that's the way I went today. I rode as far as Sykehouse and back. Topping out at 40 miles. One section is a bit disappointing, where for about 3 to 4 miles, have to trek along country roads, but they are very quiet country roads.

I took a detour on the way back, taking a bridleway, which turned into a footpath, which turned into this...*

I've walked across basaltic lava flows in the Canary Islands that were less effort. That'll teach me.

The rest of it was very...fen-like, in that it was flat, very flat.

Lovely day though. I'd have gone further, could easily have made it to Selby, but said I'd be back at a certain next time maybe.


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I don't know when, if ever, I'll get a long enough period of freedom from responsibility to go for a 40 mile ride. Today was a trip to Wye and back. 9 degrees but with a wind chill factor taking it down to a 'feels like' six degrees. Fresh and with a moderate headwind on the way back, it was beautiful in the sunshine.

Looking over to the village of Chartham.

Catha's Seat. Catha (or Catharine) was involved in the design of the cycle route but died in 1998. The seat commemorates her and provides a magnificent view.

The view from Catha's Seat. Chilham Castle is just about visible in the photo but that's due to the focal length of the camera: it appears closer and, therefore, larger to the naked eye. It's a fitting tribute to Catha to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for the great route she plotted.

And the season of rebirth is starting: daffodils here and there, and a few lambs in the fields. One, here, half hidden behind the twig, was curious about the strange creature passing by.


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Great to see lot's of pictures. Back on the bike today after Project GTFOOL completed last Tuesday. Now operation Green Door begins.


25 mph head-wind, had to take a diversion as it got way too sketchy on exposed parts so up and over into the BIG CITY before a scoot back up to new HQ. Absolutely buzzing :D :mrgreen:


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Looks a long way away from SE London and West Kent. I still count myself lucky that I'm not spending three hours a day commuting from Otford to Blackfriars anymore, and I stopped that over twenty years ago. Good luck.


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Re: Re:

CassidyAce":3e33mb23 said:
Looks a long way away from SE London and West Kent. I still count myself lucky that I'm not spending three hours a day commuting from Otford to Blackfriars anymore, and I stopped that over twenty years ago. Good luck.

It's pretty much as west as you can go without boarding a boat :LOL:


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Brief ride today to the sea and back. The Palisades is my commuter bike and it's been getting some TLC this weekend, so I took it out to fine tune the indexing, etc. The saddle is still creaking like a very creaky thing and there's a ticking noise that sounds like it's coming from the region of the cassette; I haven't managed to suss out what's causing that yet.

Sunny but cold: 4 degrees but with a wind chill factor giving it a 'feels like' of 1 degree. Not a lot of people about.


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:D Some great pics, need to get back to the sea, soon.

And al, i hope your settling in ok and wishing you and family the best for the future, no doubt the best choice :cool:

Just a pic from my run up in the mountains this morning, only a couple of others up there making the most of the peace and quiet. By the time i got down the car parks were full and most were setting off up for the day.


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