Wanted TIME TBT Shoes


Dirt Disciple
Hey all,

Looking for two things I know I might struggle with...

First, some TIME TBT shoes, UK 11 / EU46/47... A pair of red & white or the lairy red / yellow EQs would be the dream but I'll consider most things, Carnac / SIDI / Adidas / whatever.

Second up, a 700c Mavic Comete, 7/8speed, 130mm. Any usable condition considered.

Any help appreciated, as ever :)
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Dirt Disciple
Arghhh!! I had a set of these until very recently, in your size too! I will double check to see if they did actually make recycling or are in my wardrobe


Dirt Disciple
Hi there

Thanks for your message. Horrendous week at work so not had chance to look yet and away this weekend. Will update next week!