The PRO~FLEX 955 challenge.

marc two tone

Retrobike Rider

Today I got some opportunity to hit the crap jobs.

The frame got treated to a good ol' grinding (headtube and bottom tube)
Whilst the newly found forks got a strip down and de-seize.

The rs quadra were locked solid. Once I took the brace off only one leg was seized.


The other side had some chain oil poured in below the gaiter and rotated..
....creak....more oil....rotate other way...slide up and down several times.

All is good!

The elastomer stack came out in one unit, from one side..the other a crumbling
mess of stuck-ness, ness. (Its int' dictionary) ;)

Teased and ground it all out with a large flat blade screwdriver.

The rebuild will be a pleasure as I have elastomer rods. I like to tinker.

Choices for fork, I have 2. The white long travel are freshly sorted and work well. If a little cosmetically pushed.
The yellow ones will be the same mechanically, and sits the decals on frame.

The only real difference is the cantilever stop, as I will keep the one on frame attached, only I will be running v brakes. Just to keep a hint of the bikes original layout.


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marc two tone

Retrobike Rider

Alright, I'm pretty much done on this. It's been a good scrap yard build.

A work bike is the primary scope for the bikes use, some other recreational stuff too.

Except for a rivnut for a bottle cage fixing, pedals just to attach.

It's done!

The alu finish is narrrsty, ratty.

From the catalogue spec, I'm not going to Paul, king, nuke proof and all that.
So, I plumped for red bars from China and cheap v brakes.
Not without consideration though, all is in good shape and worked on for condition.
I need to get it in stand to go round fettling and tightening though.

The rear shock has been revised with a boat keel roller and looks better and, feels firmer. I can only trial it all though.


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Nice to see new life breathed into a proflex. Regret selling mine bitd

And for a change it's not too spec, since it will be used as a work bike. Good build that