The MS Racing/alpinestars story.


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Oh my goodness. This was awesome to read. I am the daughter of Jim Phillips. So the people you mentioned here were names I grew up hearing as a young girl. I've met Bernie several times, and he was always so kind to me. The rider I remember the most was Tinker Juarez. He only rode for Alpinestars for a very short time. But he was a hero in my 12 year old eyes. My husband and I race mountain/road/gravel/tandem now, and have raced with Tinker Juarez on a few occasions! Cycling is such a huge part of my life, and the seed was planted when I was a little girl watching my hero, my father working at Alpinestars. He loved that company, and we have so many memories during that time.

Sadly my dad unexpectedly passed away in January. It has been a devastating blow. He was so healthy, and truly the best grandfather anyone could ask for. The grief has been overwhelming, yet I remind myself that I'm lucky it is so hard. It hurts so bad because we loved him so much.

Anyway, thank you for giving me the chance to walk down memory lane. Alpinestars was a gift to my family. View attachment 560320
So sorry for your loss, difficult times I’m sure.

Wonderful to hear your alpinestars story and the great times you enjoyed. The picture of you and your Dad is brilliant, really takes me back to that era, especially the motocross shirts that many of us wore.

Take care and thanks for sharing your story.


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Only just found this thread,outstanding work sinnett177!Great write up,plenty of pics too,ideal. So much I didn't know,also a lot of models I wasn't even aware of.Absolutely love my Cro-Mega,and the variety of design/innovation of AS.
And sorry to hear about your father @brihoopes ,really nice that you ended up here,the photos are fantastic.Perfect addition to the thread.I'm sure it was a pleasant surprise to find it.

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Hi I own an 89 MS racing CompXT but it is a complete Mountain LX build
All original including the tires, sadly they are too deteriorated to ride on
Interested to see how this XT build is a Mountain LX also an 89 only groupo I believe
Anyway thanks for the very intesting and informative thread !