Sunbeam Restoration


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I’m restoring a Sunbeam ( based on the Online Sunbeam Museum (pictures) it’s probably a ‘1939 Sunbeam Ladies Royal Light Tourist’).

Ive managed to remove the wheel and I I now removing the crank arms. The Cotter Pins are out 🥵. But question:

- Which way the lock ring should be turned to remove it?

I’m thinking lefty-loosely but I’m not sure after watching a few YouTube videos.
I’ve tried searching Sheldon Brown site but I’m a bit lost (newbie woes).
This is my first restoration so I want to do the bike justice.

Some pics below


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Thanks, great site for my new hobby.
The nut lock ring is very tight… I’ll give it another go and try heating…I’ve left it to soak with PB Blaster on it so fingers crossed..
And unless you have a nice fitting c- Spanner, you'll need to clock it with a punch - you'll be fitting a new lockring anyway.
Clockwise on the drive side
(only rarely had a lockring)
Anticlockwise on the non-drive
The right hand side of an English bottom bracket has a left hand thread. So I think you are doing this the wrong way.
True about the threads, but that's the left side of the bike that's pictured so he's trying to turn it the correct way.
+1 on using a punch, that's what we used to do if a lock ring was too tight to be shifted by the wonderful VAR 16 pliers.
Correct, the drive side(chain) is on the Right HandSide and the lock ring on the Left Hand Side. Thanks for confirming anti-clockwise on LHS.
Thanks for the tip on a new lock ring and using a punch tool (and hammer)👍.