Sun 20th Rough Roads Ride

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LongboardSi":3ury2ssf said:
I’m in for Coffee at ten if you let me know where to get to, riding either the machine above, or something else

Sent you an email with the address etc. Anyone else need a copy...?
Am on airport duty and now have a fantastic snotfest of an infection as a goodbye present from the missus.

Will be bicycling locally I think rather than the 5 hour round trip

Alas, I’m too busy with the move to get a free pass out for the day.

I’ll be able to make a ride at a later date though.
Sounds fun...and the weather looks to be fantastic!

I have lots of recent experience of Ridewithgps not distinguishing tarmac from farm track!

Im 20 miles away right now, but heading north in the morning.

Have fun!

Cheers Ken, sorry not to make it over to join you but when the Whyte frame gave up on me it was the last nail in the coffin of that idea! Is there somewhere we can keep updated on your progress?

LGF, Snotbags, sorry to hear that, hope you have plenty of mansize with balsam, protect your delicate protruberance.

Iveco, if all goes well we'll have at least a couple more of these before the Summer's out, look forward to catching you on one of them.

Think my 'new' bike's ready at last, left the (fat) slicks on as it's been so dry recently - should be funny for everyone but me in a few sections!

One thing I should've mentioned is that you really don't want to be on road cleats if at all possible - there's plenty of offroad sections where you might need to unclip expediently and possibly even the odd short push, depending on how spritely you are/aren't feeling! :LOL:

Carparking is free, but they have a bacon buttie window and halfway there's a cafe, so don't forget to pocket a few pennies for that. Plenty of water and maybe, just maybe, some suncream :cool:

For the folks heading to our place at ten you might be lucky enough to get a bowl of Kiran's kedgeree along with your coffee... Assuming Carl hasn't arrived early and demolished it first :LOL:

Look forward to seeing you all in the morning!

Last minute bail from me - daughter has been sick in the night and that’s complicated today somewhat. Have great ride
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LongboardSi":18mylrjc said:
Last minute bail from me - daughter has been sick in the night and that’s complicated today somewhat. Have great ride

Very sorry to hear that Si, hope she's feeling better today.

That's all three singlespeeders out now; all with legitimate excuses but regardless there's no way I'll be letting that go without some cheap abuse! :p