Stripping alloy frame - latest ways?


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Hi All - long time no see/post.......

What's the current best way to strip and polish an alloy frame? I know Nitromors was once the best way but now the special ingredient has been removed it isn't as good.

I don't want to spend too much cash as it isn't a valuable bike but want it to look good.

I did a bike a while back and used scotchbrite pads to create a brushed finish once the paint was stripped which looked really good so I probably won't polish it unless I'm really bored.

Hope you are all well...


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I'm currently looking to strip an alloy frame i have with many layers of paint (7 to 10) and what i think is its initial power coating, i want to go back to to alloy then probably get it power coated again. When I was younger I remember using Nitromors and it was the mutts nuts but now reading reviews it meant to be rubbish :(.

I started with the grinder and wire mop attachment, and it hard dirty work, so thought i'd search the posts on here after reading the Nitromors reviews.


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There's a powder coaters near me that'll chemical strip a frame for £20... Maybe someone local to yourselves will do for similar? Seems worth it vrs mess and time.


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I will let you know tomorrow I've just applied some no nonsense paint striped to an alloy frame .I have found it depends mainly on what lacquer that is on there already. Cost £5.00 from screwfix with 1 p going to charity


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:shock: Looks like that langlows has the COVID tax applied .. paid £25 for mine couple of years ago... done a couple of frames, doors in the house and still loads left... if all else fails, The langlows stuff WILL work ... i guarantee you of that ;)


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I uncovered the rear part of the frame that I put the stripper on this morning and all the old lacquer was soft .so gave it a pressure wash and all the old lacquer came straight off with no rubbing or scraping so then coated the front half with stripper and covered with black bin bag ready for tomorrow.
Here's photos of the back half.


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