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I found this locally on Facebook last week.

93/94 Specialized Ultimate (anyone know how to tell the exact year?)
Judy FSX fork
M950 group
Litespeed stem and post
Ibis bar
cooks cranks

Bought from the original owner. He purchased the frame as old stock back in 95/96 and built it up with all top shelf parts.

I am trying to decide what to do with it. Leave it as is or convert it to more period correct for 93/94 with M900 and direct drive fork. Suggestions welcome.


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Nice bike.
I don't think it looks as good as it could, so I'd be in favour of going back to a period correct build.
If you sell the parts on it to fund the replacement parts I expect you'll have a chunk left over! :)


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Great find Kokies!

I'm not a catalog spec kind of guy, but the masses might be right in this case...

That said, some nice bits on there as it is, and wouldn't take much to fix the few odd choices and have it looking tip-top in no time! I'd keep the crankset, maybe, and the bar, and revert the rest back to 92/93 era parts. M900 heavy, for sure.

Looking forward to seeing which direction you take.


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The FSX is long gown.
I did manage to find an original fork for the frame in the correct size and paint color.


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