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Hello everyone!

Here, for your consideration and comments is my first build thread in this forum. It's a Brodie Sovereign from late '94 (according to Paul) ordered from Radstudio in Munich in the early '95.

I was in the lookout for a Brodie frame for quite some time. When I first saw pictures of his bikes (especially his late 80s beginning 90s ones, Catalyst, RoMax, etc.) it was immediate evident that he was bringing in quite a few special innovations in the MTB scene at the time. Indeed, he focused on slopping top tubes right from the start. Longer seat tubes that extended well beyond the junction with top tubes was another hallmark design of his too (apparently they make the bikes a bit more comfortable given that Bordies are known to be quite stiff). Then of course his craftmaship showed on every welding of Brodie frames. Watching some of Paul's Youtube videos and reading his book sealed it for me. I wanted to try a Brodie too.

I was lucky enough as at the time I was discovering Brodie bikes there was a listing (see pictures) of this Sovereign in the German eBay. The seller (first owner) was advertising it as a full bike though and I was really put off by the assorting parts of the build. After some exchanges he agreed to sell it as a bare frame with the headsets only. I am including the pictures of the Ad.

The frame itself is pretty light at 1715 grams at this size (18') and is made out of Tange Prestige and Ultimate Ultralight tubing according to the '95 catalogue. The seat tube is externally butted at the two ends and ovalised at the bottom bracket. Then of course there are the curved seat stays that hopefully should reduce some of the flex from the rear cantis when breaking (I might still need a booster bridge though to eliminate most of it...we'll see).

As it stands, the frame has seen a fair bit of use over the years. So I think (you can see from the pictures too) it will benefit from a repaint given that there are quite a few rubs, scratches and small rusting points along the down tube and seat stays. Also the anti-chain suck mounts are missing probably due to a sever chain suck. On the positive side, this means that the anti-chain suck plate did indeed protect the frame as the chainstay is free of any scratches at that point. My understanding is that this was a known issue of these mid 90s models (I have come across a few Brodies missing the plante mounts in other forums) and was addressed in late 90s models by having 3 mounts that stabilise and reinforce the plate better (two mounts on the drive side and one on the non-drive side of the chainstays).

My aim with this build is not to do necessarily a period correct one right from the start. I would rather fit the frame with some (for the most part decent parts) from the era I have and use a Kona P2 fork. Then I will slowly upgrade it to more period correct parts. Eventually, I plan to find a Judy SL or XC from '95 to mount on it too. Hopefully, I will have the chance to race it in some amateur races here in Belgium and of course join the odd retro ride whenever there happens to be one (they are mostly in summer).

Thanks for reading!


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Congrats, I‘ve loved Brodies for years but only recently this year decided to search one out to add to my collection. I acquired an 88‘ climbMax this spring and absolutely love it.

This is a lovely Sovereign you’ve got your hands on, I’m glad you decided against some of the parts it was being sold with, it deserves better for sure, I’m more for rigid forks but a Judy SL or XC with this corrected frame is a great choice I think.

Looking forward to watching your progress 👍
another brodie fan here, will be watching the build.
the original green is a nice colour. if you repaint will you stick to that?
I have asked for rocket red instead as I noticed this was an option in the catalogue of that year. Let’s see if the painter manages to get it right 🤞
hey all,

Here is where I am with this project at this point in time.

Frame is just done from the painter and the results are pretty good.

Now off to the decals…

Also, I have a quick question for you all.

What are my options for a headset if I don’t want to use Chris King? (I am going to be using a P2 initially and then a Judy so I am after a threadless 1 1/8 from the mid 90s).

Any ideas?


That looks great. You decided not to restore the chain suck mounts? I think a RaceFace headset would look good.