Specialized M2


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stunning ive got a green m2 sworks, my dad had one of these (bit later) ive always wanted one that is perfect just how id do it.


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clockworkgazz":16u4pl4g said:
looks amazing what does it weigh? and how does it ride?

Don't know how much it weighs bud , will try to source some scales and see. I think these frames are awesome and could be built up mega light but i've gone for a sort of original spec/look this time. It climbs really well,the ride isn't harsh at all like aluminium frames are ,its just a lovely ride in my opinion ....try one , you won't be dissappointed !! ;)


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Thats just about perfect :cool: , agree with Jango on the black saddle but thats just a small detail, looks great with the rigid forks on it.

These frames are very light Gazz (not owned one though), i'd guess maybe 22-23Lb ?