Silverfish 1991 Funk

I need to pull it out of the rack and see what I think

But this might actually work…


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Was gonna go with silver Grafton brakes and cranks.
But not convinced on the silver levers with the ti Girvin.
So figured I'd try the Marinovative brakes.

WOW 😍 I think these look gorgeous on the FUNK.

I think I need to find some CQP titanium cranks now 🤦‍♂️ IMG_7224.jpeg IMG_7225.jpeg IMG_7226.jpeg IMG_7227.jpeg
I think finding a set of CQP titanium cranks might be a big ask 😳

Maybe I stick with plan A and run the Grafton Joystix, Grafton re-entry levers and Grafton speed trap pedals. Strictly speaking they were all 92 but what’s a year? 🤣

Just feels a bit wrong to put all that Grafton stuff on it and then not spec Speed Controllers?

But the Marinovative Decelerator brakes look so awesome and I don’t really have another build they will work on.

What to do 🤯


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IMG_7310.jpeg IMG_7311.jpeg IMG_7359.jpeg IMG_7360.jpeg IMG_7361.jpeg Getting there
Just need the Speed Controllers, crank caps and fingers from John now
Fit chain and find some decals for the stem and then it’s done 💪