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My third stage Restomod of the 94 GT Tequesta. I would describe it as a prototype 69er mullet, as I am pretty sure I will switch the cyclo cross / trekking fork to a rigid MTB 27.5 or 29 fork for tire clearance. Depending on my tests I also might upgrade the wheels, especially the 28. I just happened to have kept the disc brake 28 from an old project.

- Cross 28 fork (, I guess a Taiwanese no-name)
- TRP HY/RD hydro-mechanical Disc brake (only front, rear Tektro Canti as before)
- Got reasonably nice wheels: 26 (rim and disc braking), 27.5 (best wheel), 28 Cyclo Cross ("leftover")

Ideally I would like a wide 27.5, but it is not a MTB fork, limiting my tire choices significantly: 29 2.1 (so tight, I can't fully inflate it :)), 27.5 2.25 max.
Tires all Schwalbe Rocket Rons, affordable, light weight, lots of size choices, fast

Tange Seiki Ahead set, Satori Ahead extension, Satori ET2 twist stem 90, Ritchey Kyote, Tektro 2.1 brake levers (for canti, v-brake & mechanical discs), Ritchey barends, Spirgrips + innerbarends, SQLab grips, SQLab saddle, Shimano Deore square tapered bb, Shimano Deore crankset FC-M510, oval cheap narrow-wide 38 chainring mounted to the middle chainring position, Shimano Deore M5100 11 Speed, Sunrace CSMX80 cassette 11-50)

First riding impressions are great, the bike feels competent and safe, turns nicely. Before any longer ride attempts, I need to buy a new star nut, as I can't tighten it enough.

Looking for real rigid MTB fork for larger tires.
First photos with the 28 wheel and 29 2.1 Schwalbe tires


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I've just gone through this thread again from the start (all 87 pages!) and realised I only ever posted one of my GTs in here. I'll try to dig out photos of the others I have had.

I am going to renew my effort collecting frame numbers for steel GT frames, so if you have any, please help me out:



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The original bike that brought me to the forum:

Karakoram 1.JPG

Unfortunately, the paint was rough. If it had have been one of the nice paintschemes, I would have tried to save it, but since it was plain black it got powdercoated blue-black chameleon (hard to photograph) and built up as an all-purpose bike with an Alfine hub:

Karakoram Elite 1.JPG

The spider on those cranks broke. Later, the replacement Topline sheared and went into my leg. It now has Stronglight Ironlight cranks.

I also briefly had another, which I got sold here when reducing the herd:

As bought.JPG

Briefly had a 1992 Karakoram, which I think was ridden once before moving on to someone more in need of a project:


My 1991 Zaskar was my main rider for off-road for a long time. I definitely miss it sometimes:

Rebuilt for Arran.JPG

I briefly owned a 1992 Richter 8.0, which got a couple of rides, but I decided I prefered the 1993 frame. I've already posted my 1993 Corrado, which I originally had the identification mixed up with my Richter 8.0 The Corrado rode really nicely, but I slightly prefered the Richter 8.0 frame, so the parts from the Tioga-heavy build moved over .... that bike sat in storage for many years, but I finally have a correct sized seatpost, so hopefully I will add a photo of that one soon.

I'd still love a Bravado, Avalanche or Psyclone/Cyclone one day.
Cheers @kingoffootball

Will put them on the to consider list. Need to go through what I have and sell stuff I simply won't ever use!

Picture attached of my 1994 Talera too in Purple Rain.

Saw your thread for frame numbers. I'll look at mine tomorrow and post in your thread.