1. D

    For Sale 1991 GT Zaskar 20" frame + any interest?

    Hello friends, I have a 20" 1991 Zaskar ball burnished frame I just picked up... but its just plain too big for me and would more than anything love to swap for a small Zaskar frame, anything pre 1998. Im planning on polishing it up and getting new decals but didn't want to wipe off the...
  2. Hebbs

    Wanted Parts for a Zaskar build - RS Judy's, Kore stem and post, XT, Mavic.

    Help! I need everything lol. Spam me your wares.
  3. is it a Zaskar?

    is it a Zaskar?

    Really need to trim that hydraulic hose down.
  4. K

    My Zaskar LE project

  5. nearly finished Zaskar

    nearly finished Zaskar

    nearly finished Zaskar
  6. the GT amigos

    the GT amigos

    My collection of GT’s
  7. Zaskar


    Mid build Zaskar
  8. C


    found some stuff in my cave again. i'll be updating this. shipping (from cologne | germany) costs extra. bundles go cheaper :cool: swap trades very appreciated, still looking for a silver Ø27,2 | 330mm syncros post, a single mavic 281 cd rim and a left black fc-m730 xt crank arm in 170mm...
  9. C

    For Sale GT ZASKAR 20" INK BLUE ANO 1995

    well, i'm really in two minds about this frame, but being my zaskar no 4 in proper size i might end up never building it. although they did a good job ball polishing and double anodizing it (read that in some original catalog) still stunning 😍 this is a good basis for a real rider since it has...
  10. S

    GT Zaskar LE

    Hi All New to the forum. I have a GT Zaskar LE which I have owned for many many many years. Built myself back in the day. What are these selling for today? I think its a 1996. The Serial No on the backdrop starts 0396 20.5" Frame. Pace RC36 Forks. Full XT (Sorry no XTR). Mavic Rims. Need...
  11. C

    Sold 14,5" GT Pantera 1996 F+F

    pretty rare very small frameset. currently the rear mech hanger is missing, but it can be purchased online. could help with it. original forks and headset included. can help with a bunch of other parts if required. asking 200€ plus shipping
  12. kingoffootball

    1991 20" GT Zaskar - rebuilt to take on holiday

    Well, I still haven't started a thread for the Karakoram Elite, but today I'm off work, hoping to get a little done on the Zaskar, so I thought I would start a thread for it. This is the frame I bought here on Retrobike: It's 20" and was made November 1990, so pretty early Zaskar: I bought...
  13. drystonepaul

    1997 GT Zaskar

    October 2010: I was given this frame as payment for building up another Zaskar back in about 2004. It's a 1997 Zaskar frame which was originally powder-coated black and not anodised as is commonly thought. It was fairly tatty when I got it, with a damaged rear brake boss, but still had the...