Shall I put on another ride this year

So first weekend in October

I'm having such a hassle trying to log in if you guys want to contact me via txt or fb please do so as I'm getting rather fooked off with it
FFS... life is so hard! So....

I've just booked me and a bike into a B&B in Penrith for the 1st of September and can therefore do a ride on the Saturday the 1st and/or the 2nd.

I'm happy to ride alone, but anyone can join in!
And having a great day Aren't we :LOL:

So you lot thought of any dates yet can't do next Sunday as I'm off to ride neddies with Mrs Bling
Another lovely day in the Lakes!

Absolutely no idea how many miles we rode or feet we climbed, but the craic was as good as ever!

Lots of chat today so only a couple of snaps, and youll be pleased to know, no selfies!


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I'm still good for the 1st weekend in Oct, I know that the last weekend in Oct looks like it's going to be the Peak mtb ride.