For Sale Rory O Brien complete bike, with 531 frame near Chelmsford


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Hi, this is a complete bike.

I used to train a bit with a cyclist Jim/James Middlemore who cycled at a high level. I then acquired this bike from him. That was 30+ years ago and for much of that time it was hanging up in my garage. We used to buy some bits at the Rory O Brien shop in Romford and Jim knew them well. I think the frame came from them and certainly some of the work around the joins looks very nice. It has some campagnolo and shimano parts on it, and mavic rims. I will try to post some photos (they appear on my other post) if I can figure out how to. Obviously it needs good clean!
I am near Chelmsford, and on 07771611681. I was thinking of £175 plus carriage but open to discussion.

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