Sold Orange Aluminium 'O' frame and bits. *£80, this weekend only!*.


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Hi all. Since no one wanted the complete bike I've split this down. For sale I have this Orange Aluminium 'O' in classic and original orange/white fade. Most of these went back to Orange for a re-paint so there are not many around in this colour scheme. It's 19" c to c, 17.5" c to t and the head tube is 1 1/4".

Condition wise it shows obvious signs of use with plenty of paint chips and a bit of bubbling but the paint is not faded and is better than most of the surviving orange/white O's.

Included is the frame, original bar + seat post and a serviceable headset (with a bag of extra bits). The bb is also included but very crunchy so will need new bearings.

I'm looking for around £120 posted to the UK for this. Feel free to contact me for more information. *Reduced to £99*.

*Reduced to £80, this weekend only as I'm raising funds for some thing!*

I've included a picture of a couple of stem's that fit. Add £30 for the Stalk or £20 for the Flexstem. I also have most of the rest of the parts that can be sold with it required.

Photo 14-09-2023, 11 53 15.jpg Photo 14-09-2023, 11 53 26.jpg Photo 14-09-2023, 11 53 47.jpg Photo 14-09-2023, 11 53 55.jpg Photo 14-09-2023, 11 54 07.jpg Photo 14-09-2023, 11 54 15.jpg Photo 14-09-2023, 11 51 09.jpg
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