Rory O Brien frame?


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Hi I will try to post a picture or two of a frame which I have. I used to train a bit with a cyclist Jim/James Middlemore who cycled at a high level, and was very kind and supportive to me. I then acquired this bike from him. That was 30+ years ago and for much of that time it was hanging up in my garage. We used to buy some bits at the Rory O Brien shop in Romford and Jim knew them well. I'd be interested to learn whether people think the frame was from there or not. The fourth photo might be the most useful. Obviously it needs good clean!
After thinking in vain I must get back on my bike for the last 30-odd years I'll most likely move it on to someone who can use it but it would be useful to know.

Many thanks


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I remember Jim. I also knew his daughter Sharon slightly.
That does look like a Rory of the early 70s . Several local builders made their frames over the years but they were mostly all good quality. If you thinking of selling, put it on the for sale section with a price.


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Many thanks Argonsixar. I remember Sharon too. I'd be grateful for any ideas as to a fair price.


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Hi Jai,

Having stripped the bike completely I can confirm the frame is not Rory O'Brien, but Falcon Olympic, whilst forks are not original to the frame either being Ishiwata 700C rather then 27" spacing as the frame is - hence long drop calipers on rear to accommodate later edition wheels. Hubs, both mechs and seat post plus handlebars point to mid 60's (locking nuts on the wheels dating 57 & 65), while other components are 70s or later additions.

Many thanks